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Here at Tyger-Net Media Services, we can create a bespoke content creation and management service to suit the individual needs of you and your business. We can work with you on all types of content – even if you do not see the particular service you are thinking about on the list below, you can contact us to discuss your options.

  1. Blog & Website Content – Content is one of the most important elements of your website. You need to have fresh, engaging content published on a regular basis. It can be difficult to find the time to create this content when you are running a business, especially if you are not confident in your writing ability. We can provide you with top class content written by English speaking natives from UK, USA, Australia and Canada who are educated to college level at a minimum. You will probably be able to find much cheaper content from one of the many content mills found online, but we guarantee that these will not meet the quality that we are offering. When you need quality written content it has to be created by someone who has English as their first language, only then will the writer understand the natural flow of the language including idioms and colloquialisms. Our content writers are passionate about what they do and it really shows in their content. We can write about most topics thanks to a great research team who arm our writers with enough knowledge for them to create content worthy of an expert in your field! Get in touch to discuss your content needs!
  2. Editing Services – If you have created content, or purchased it elsewhere but you are not quite satisfied by the quality then why not talk to us today about our editing services? We have experience editors who have worked with both fiction and non-fiction in print and online. We can help to correct sloppy grammar and spelling or just give you some tips on polishing your content to a higher standard if you are not an experienced writer.
  3. Press Releases – New product or service on the horizon? Talk to us about crafting a press release to promote it in the media.
  4. Blog Management – Not only can we help to create great blog content, but we can also manage your blog on your behalf. Even if you or your employees write your own content, we are happy to load it onto your blog, format it and schedule it. Alternatively, we can create an editorial schedule and source and/or create the appropriate content freeing your time up for other projects.
  5. Social Media Services – We can write and schedule regular social media content for Twitter, Facebook or Google+ as required. We are also happy to monitor your profiles and respond to personal messages and enquiries on your behalf.
  6. Re-writing Services – Is your existing content getting a little tired? Do you want to create a second website with similar content? We can take your existing content and rewrite it so that it has a new lease of life! The result will be unique content with a similar message.
  7. Off Site Commenting – A great way to make links with other bloggers and to secure backlinks to your site is to comment on other blogs. This can be time consuming so why not let us take care of it on your behalf. We will seek out quality blogs in a similar niche and comment on relevant posts to help you to build relationships within your community.
  8. Video Clips & Slideshows – We can provide basic video editing and slideshow clips for your blog or YouTube channel.
  9. Infographics – We can help you to create informative and eye catching infographics to support your textual content.
  10. Banner Design – We can provide you with striking banners suitable for use in AdWords.
  11. Social Media Design & SetUp – Not got a social media presence yet? We can set up your profiles and create your avatars and cover images.
  12. Infographic Placement – Once you have created your infographics we will work with you to secure placement on blogs and social media profiles.
  13. Virtual Assistant – We can provide virtual assistant duties including email handling, social media management and audio transcription.

If you have any content related work that you would be interested in outsourcing and which is not listed above please get in touch to discuss your requirements. Please note that we do not offer fake likes/follows and that we do not advocate content spinning.

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